My Contest track - Minute of Silence

Hello friends,

here is my track for the relaxing music contest:

It is written in C Minor at 60 BPM,
I used Reaper 6, LABS, Epic Strings, Winds and Brass from Spitfire, Olympus Elements Choir, Free Orchestra, Layers

I hope you like it, let me know what you think of it.

I am very proud of the progress i am making in the last weeks, thanks to you, helping me so much. Especially @Geoffers @jlx_music @Julia18

Stay safe and take care of yourself,
Sincerly, Michael



Wow, the progress you’re showing is amazing! Very impressed. Your realism is coming along really well. Especially in your arc and crechendo writing.

I think the only thing I could suggest for this piece is fading the end of your phrases out a bit more so they sit/transition a little better. Other than that it might be the right time for you to look for a comprehensive string library so you have a few more articulations to play with.

Super impressed man!!

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Thank you Michael @Seven_Tears for your very kind words!

That’s awesome, and I am very glad that you are improving every single day! That’s what I want to see! A step here, a step there and you are not far away to score a movie, you always wanted to score :slight_smile:

A couple of words:

Very beautiful composition first of all! Literally heaven. My biggest advice to you would be to listen to classical music here and there, real orchestras. Composer is not important. Just the sound of a great orchestra, hearing the nuances of every single instrument group and the intensity of players. One of my favourites is something like this: From 45 Minutes (Adagietto)…

It’s not actually about what composer I like or whatsoever, it’s more like understand how the instruments interact with another, how the melodies are built, the support, and most importantly, HOW instruments really sound like…meaning: If you see that your samples just can’t do it, whatever you try to achieve, don’t do it, do something else what works really well with the samples you have. See your samples as “real instruments”, meaning that you know the pros & cons.

For example: If I want to make a super nice melodic adagio kind-of-like melody, and after trying everything with Mod-Wheel, Velocity, Reverb, etc. and I hear, “hmm…a cellist would never sound like this…”, I would never use it. It’s really hard sometimes, because you have something cool in mind, but your samples just don’t do it as you would like to. But that’s part of the game, you need to accept that and move with another idea.

The biggest advantage in composing “virtually” is knowing what works and what doesn’t. In live of course as well, but even if you have a chance to play your music live, the instrumentalists will support your idea without sounding bad, as they already have experience, playing for 20+ years…but when you do everything yourself, composing, mixing, etc. you really need to spend some time to hear live performances, going out to concerts and really trying to absorb the energy given through the musicians and the music. Later in your studio, you try to implement exactly that.

Yes, there are many improvements you can make (in my opinion), however, most people just don’t hear it, as you reached another level, a level you can be proud of yourself! What I believe is, that if you give yourself a couple of minutes every single day by listening to performances like in the example above, you will reach another level again, a level many people just dream of…

Continue being amazing!
Alexey :slight_smile:


Thank you. Your tracks are always good and by the list of libraries you show on them you´re a living proof that it is possible right without libraries for millions.


Thank you for your feedback.
I wonder what happend if some experienced composer would work with my libraries.
Its like the driver of the last car in formula1 would sit in the best car? would he win the race?

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Nice track ! good luck for the contest !

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart, @Muluku

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Now that I’ve managed to finalize my own entry, I have finally some time to toss some feedback.
I’ve watched your journey here in the forums probably from the beginning and it’s really nice to see the progression you’ve made so far and it’s even more impressive with the libraries you have in your disposal.

First half of the track is really beautiful, soft and calm. In second half it gets a bit more intensive. From the relaxing point of view I probably would’ve liked a bit softer and warmer approach in the end. Dunno if that’s even possible or make any sense?

Overall, very solid track and one of my favorites so far.

Let’s keep improving,

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Thank you so much, for your kind words, Riku,

yes - as i was writing the cue, i played around with the shortstrings as I copied them from the piano ostinato. i found them quite nice and gave them a one octave climb over the 8 bars - well knowing i was stepping away from my relaxing focus. To be honest, I wasn’t able to find a different ending without getting too boring, you know?

With every day here in the forum i have more energy to keep going, learning and improving - with all friends in here, loving music composition as i do. Even if its just for hobby…

Keep safe,

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Do I know? Yes, I very well do.

It’s pretty much the same for me. Constant struggle about how do I keep things interesting, how do I transition from a part to another. Do I need key changes to keep it interesting? Yes I do, but I don’t have the capability to implement etc. These things take a lot of time and are pretty much trial and error type of things for me. Luckily, this is just a hobby, so it doesn’t matter if things take time. I hope that eventually things will start to work and sort faster.


I like your use of the choir, especially that last chord ending! :+1: There’s a pentatonic atonality to your piece that gives it an otherworldly vibe. Well done!

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Thank you so much Adrian,

and a warm welcome to the community!
I am exited to hear your tracks too,

Sincerly yours,

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Thanks for the welcome!

I congratulate you on this composition, it really represents my kind of relaxing music.

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Thank you Elia, im very glad you like it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nicely done. It’s interesting, I’m almost always wanting a piece to develop and gain complexity, etc as it progresses. However listening to your piece, I wanted it to stay subdued and not really develop. I really liked the almost delirious relaxed state that you had me in for the first 3/4 of the piece. Keep up the great work.


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Thank you so much Brandon @brandowalk
I hope you are still relaxed :wink: or at least 3/4 :slight_smile:

Stay safe and best wishes,

I like it. It is complex and interesting. Maybe some instruments don’t sound perfect but I really love your composition.

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Thank you Vincente,
I am here to learn, can’t be my target to sound perfect at my beginner state, but i am grateful and really glad you liked it.
Stay safe,
Sincerely yours,