My composition for the relaxing music contest - The mask by David W. Aucoin

  1. The Mask by David W. Aucoin

  2. I write my music with a strong guitar influence. I have been told many many times I put way way too much guitar in my compositions. But it’s what I do…lol But anyway its such a part of my writing I can’t help but put lots of guitar parts in there. I try to hold back but something just pops in my head and I have to put it in.
    I hope to learn how to hold back. Hopefully this site will help me learn.
    This is mostly for my personal enjoyment because I am 68 and retired from music. I am always willing to listen to criticism for sure.

3 Youtube link.


Solid and consistent track. Progresses nicely and is hypnotic. Don’t apologize for playing guitar - it sounds great! :grinning:


Like it a lot, there are not to much guitars in there for my taste. Great job!

Very impressive. As a newbie can you advise how you built up the composition. What sound libraries you used (if any).


Captivating. I like the guitar work here. Thanks for sharing!

It a well structured song and very well played.