Musical Review of 2022

I’m pleased to say 2022 has been a productive year for me, musically.

I’ve released a (mostly jazz-funk/jazz-rock) 20 track album, an orchestral three 3-track EP, a mixed genre 3-track EP and 4 singles. And a video for the Big Band piece included on one of the EPs, featuring some of the finest musicians in the UK & US (Bird Of South - Big Band Composition - YouTube ). Oh, and the video for the Stevie Wonder tribute single I released just before Christmas last year, also featuring some (indeed some of the same!) wonderful musicians. Along with a cameo appearance from yours truly…:wink: I Wonder - my tribute to the great Stevie Wonder - YouTube

That’s 33 tracks and over 2h 12mins of music. Of course artistic endeavours are not a numbers game!:wink: but at least it feels like I’ve been productive.

I went to Prague to record 3 pieces with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra, which was a absolute highlight. You can see the results here: Czech National Symphony Orchestra

You can find all the above, and more, on the following playlists:

So, despite the world outside sometimes seeming like it’s falling apart ever more… I will continue to try to create a tiny space of beauty and joy with my music, and invite any and everyone who is so inclined to join me for moments of escape into a better world😉

Wishing you all a peaceful and happy new year.


Thank you so much for your music and your words about creating joy in a troubled world. Your music gives me great joy! Loved the Stevie Wonder tribute on YouTube and will listen later today to your current piece. Thanks again!

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Thank you so much for your kind words. That really means a lot to me.

So glad you enjoyed the music.

Have a wonderful 2023! :wink:

Really enjoyed, thank you!

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I’m so pleased. Thank you.

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