Music prep for recording session, and what's your favorite Notation Software?

Hey guys, when doing the score sheet for recording session, do you do each part individually or per section (i.e. one sheet music with just violin I, and so on, or one just for the strings, one for the brass…)?

On that note, what is your favorite notation software, in terms of learning curve and possibilities?
Attempting to do this on Logic, let’s see how it will turn out!


Sebilius is the industry standard notation software, I use Steinberg’s Dorico Pro which is probably going to be the top software in the near future. Tons of features and very realistic playback when combined with NotePerformer. Gives you the option to print all individual parts or the whole conductor’s score.

It’s pricey but worth it. A cheaper alternative is PreSonus Notion, but the playback isn’t as realistic.


I use Finale. It works pretty well on my MacBook Air but I’ve seen it be pretty glitchy on other computers. One problem with Finale is I can’t get all the parts and score into one document (PDF). I have to save each part separately and then drag the parts into one document. Sebelius will save everything into one document so that part will save you a lot of headache.


I assume the notation software has been named after the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius, i.e. Sibelius rather than Sebelius :slight_smile:



I would use Sibelius to start with even if more money its more the standard and widely used. This guy has some interesting videos on some of your questions.

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