MuseScore (Free Midi, PDF files of Orchestral Music)

Hello Composers!
Don’t know if you are familiar with this web site or not but there you can find lots of great midi and pdf files of Orchestral and cinematic music:
To me this web site is a time and life saver cuz about 2 years ago I got an pdf file of “Star Wars - Imperial March” original score. And when I wanted to make a mock up it took me around 3 months to write down all the notation in Logic Pro X from original pdf file.
Then luckily I found MuseScore and maaan it has so many great orchestrations in midi and pdf files so you don’t have to spend 3 months of your precious life for typing note by note from a pdf file to your Daw!


Wow! That is an incredible resource. Thank you Alexey for sharing. But, now you got me curious, can we hear your re-score of Star Wars? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes sure Mike:

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I downloaded Musescore (version 3). It is an amazing piece of software. Free, and I received many sounds to use with it, What is surprising is that these sounds are better than many sound libraries I bought!

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Wow thanks, I will check that out. Free sounds as well! :slight_smile:
Do you still use a DAW too?

I’ve been using musecore for about 2 years … it was needed for my music program…Overall it is a great tool for my composition course …which is currently ongoing …

I like Musescore much. Very rich program. Also, the soundfonts are of surprisingly good quality. I remember having bought Garritan Personal Orchestra and I made a song with this, and the sound of the same song in Musescore sounded better! However, I recently bought Overture, and this one is just great.

Yes, I do. Just now having bought a PC, I like Cakewalk too much. Very good DAW, and FOR FREE! I cannot understand how it is they give such a GREAT software for free.
I think I like it even more than Logic X.

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I was a heavy duty Cakewalk Sonar user for years up to the point where the future of tge company became unsure …I bailed to Presonus studio one …Just remember Cakewalk has had a 30 year evolution in Daw development …from when they were called 12 tone systems and only had a dos based midi sequencer!

Definitely a great resource! One thing to bear in mind though: a lot of scores submitted there are “user generated” (as in, people’s own transcriptions and arrangements) - so don’t expect 100% accuracy!

Some other useful places too, in case anyone didn’t know:

Public Domain scores: (no film music, but good for orchestral stuff)

If you want to buy film scores: (accurate/detailed, but expensive!)

And Marco Beltrami often puts some of his scores on his website for free here: