Move Up In Volume Gradually Over Time in RealTime

Hi Everyone,
Forgive me I just realized I forgot to say my name and I am trying to learn how to screen record as well
Ok I am not sure how to explain this but I am going to try by doing an unlisted video

Here is my Goal Here
Trying to Figure out how to record software instruments, in this case, a Piano Factory Peset using the MOD Wheel to Gradually move up in Volume over time
but I am wanted to Record this in RealTime

Move Up In Volume Gradually

I hope this makes more sense

Hi Brian, If you’re using the mod wheel; in the second column you see “Read” in green. Click that, then - Latch. That will record the volume change. For a more even increase in volume there is a “show/hide Automation” (the lines with 2 points) under your tempo indicator. That will turn blue when opened & expand the track showing automation. That may give you a more even controlled volume change, if that’s what you’re looking for.

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Thanks Fran ,
Yes That is what I am after
Trying to ramp up the volume as smoothly as possible
I will try that and get back to this thread sorry still learning Logic as well
But that does make sense
I also try to find video help on this if I can :blush:

I found out I was just recording the data from the mod wheel
and not the volume data
How would I map the playback of the mod-wheel to volume as well?

Hi again, sorry I don’t use the mod wheel. I use the volume slider for the track I’m working on if it’s a solo part (set to - latch) Set it back to - read- after recording.

You can also access - show/hide automation - from the menu bar.
-show track automation

  • click on the track you’re working on. It’s a much smoother way to increase/decrease the volume.

I’m kinda new with “in the box” as well. There are lots of helpful youtube videos out there.

No worries Fran I very much appreciate for help
I would use the volume fader or slider by my midi keyboard does not have that just a pitch wheel and mod wheel :wink:

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