Mood Lighting options

I’m in the process of jazzing up my studio lighting. I have a few fairly lights which look good, and a lava lamp on the back wall but I am thinking of really making it feel cool in there, mainly for my own vanity :joy::joy::joy:

I was wondering what options you all would suggest :smiley:


I love ambient lighting! :smiley:
I have a cheap LED strip from Amazon. Then I actually made a hole in my wallet by investing in the expensive Philips Hue series. 3 spotlights which I have in my ceiling lamp in the studio. :slight_smile:

I am also looking into getting a salt lamp, because I love their magical vibe. Also would contrast my blue/purple light setup I have right now.


Aaah great suggestions that sounds awesome! I’m actually excited about this. Before now I’ve not had much point in doing this as it’s not a priority for me but I’m super excited about this!

I recommend checking out this topic from last year, i describe my studio setup for lights too :grin:


Awesome I’ll go take a look. Thanks.

I’ve just read this and it’s useful, though I noticed my own comment at that time proved my arrogance to the subject. British sarcasm at its most potent :stuck_out_tongue:

@Mikael how the tables have turned :joy:


Love that last comment, Geoffrey :smiley:
I recently browsed a little through Amazon and collected some ideas for my future Studio.

If you intend to spend a ‘little’ more check out the Nanoleaf Canvas or Nanoleaf Aurora lights. I really start to dig the idea of smart lighting.

Also I recently watched a video about working with LED strips, maybe this gives you some ideas.


Ah thank you I’ll take a look I’d at these. I may end up going down the strip path, simply because I’ll be getting some more acoustic treatment for the walls which will take up some more wall space? This is definitely a good option though… so long as I don’t do it wrong :stuck_out_tongue: