Mod Wheel help!

Hi Guys

I have a nano kontrol 2, try as I might I can’t get it to work properly or assign it to cc1 or cc11 to control mod wheel. I don’t have a modwheel on my keyboard ( very frustrating)

Would anyone recommend either a fader that has a mod wheel that automatically works ( In Kontact especially) that isn’t too expensive or anyone whos had experience with the nano kontrol that could help?

I’m pulling my hair out trying to get it to work

I do have a pedal on my keyboard but not sure how I can assign that to cc1 for mod wheel either

Hey Ben, great seeing you in here again! :slight_smile:
I am lucky enough to have a fader bank on my MIDI keyboard, and all those faders are programmable on the actual hardware keyboard on what CC they send out (into the DAW). If I ever buy an external MIDI fader box, that feature is a must. Sadly the only good one I’ve seen that has this is the JL Cooper Fader Master Pro which is insanely expensive. I would probably check out the Palette series if I were you.

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Been a busy bee :stuck_out_tongue:

Been keepin an eye on the posts though even though haven’t been able t contribute much lately.

I did look at palette gear, its very expensive but possibly worth getting

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Expensive yes, but not as expensive as the JL Cooper Fadermaster! :stuck_out_tongue:

I will probably end up investing in that myself though, down the road, right now I can’t justify the cost but well…my new philosophy is “buy new stuff rarely but expensive (as in high end gear)”.

What is not working with the Nanokontrol 2? I have one lying around here as well for some cc controls I like to use with faders and though it was a bit a mess to setup at first, it works now happily.
Is yours not working at all or just not with cc1 and cc11? You can assign them Korg Kontrol Editor. Make sure you load up the editor BEFORE you start your DAW. Assign the cc’s to the faders you want and then under the communications tab hit “write scene” - this should write and store the info to your Nanokontrol. If it is something else, then just let me know and maybe I can be of help.

Hey Jaap

I did all those things, had the editor, assigned the faders to cc1 and 11 and hit write scene, but logic pro just doesn’t recognise that it’s done it. Nothing happens on those faders. The others all seem to be set to control volume , and found no way to re assign them to mod wheel or cc1 and 11 inside of logic either .

Though I don’t use Logic myself I stumbled upon a topic when I was having problems with Cubase and the Nano and found this for Logic users: go to Logic pro x menu > control surfaces > bypass all control surfaces
Hopefully that helps.

I shall give that a try thanks :slight_smile: hopefully it solves the problem otherwise I’ll just chuck it out haha causing me way too much stress

so heres an interesting one. The bypass worked and I can control mod wheel with fader. BUT now it messes up my kontact instruments when im playing them on my keyboard lol