Midsummer at home(folk music)

Here’s my latest composition. Would love some hard criticism. Especially on the EQ. It’s the first time I really tried to mix and master a little more.

Folk music

Bösendorfer piano EW
Joshua Bell violin
Virharmonic violin
Strings Albion one
Eduardo Tarilonte Irish whistle
EW symphonic choirs

Every year at midsummers eve I return to my childhood village by the river where my relatives and I play folkmusic and drink vodka until the night. I wanted to compose something own that reminds of the music we play then. It’s nostalgic for me. I’m born and raised in the woods there.

It’s in D major. A calm, quite simpel melody with some tempo changes to get movement.


Beautiful. The violin is very impressive for being a sample.

It’s piercing in parts though. I’d compress the lead violin a bit to hold it still in the mix, and then add (if you have one) a dynamic eq with a band set at 3k, and get it to pull a good 5-6 dB of 3k out of the violin when it’s at its most shrill. I’d put the dynamic eq after the compressor.

You’ll be amazed how beautifully your violin will sit in there.

Lovely piece.

If you don’t have a dynamic eq, I’d get the HOFA IQ-eq. Everybody raves about fabfilter, but I bought it and never use it. HOFA is so much more intuitive to me.

Thank you very much for this. I decided to give it some time to learn EQ, cutting and enhancing things to get that “it just feels right tone”. Must say it’s really, really difficult. Some times I think I hear a little what have to be done and some times I don’t hear a thing when tweaking especially if I concentrate more than 30 min.
This is valuable information for me. Again thanks.

My pleasure. You are welcome to ask me any questions about eq and other similar matters. I did professional mastering for 5 years and recorded bands and songwriters on and off for 30 years before focusing on composing.

You can email me at EverettYoungScoring@gmail.com.

I really liked this piece!

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Your too kind. Thank you.

Nice composition The violin attracts everyone thanks for sharing

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Beautifull song Fredrik. It is delicate like a lullaby. I love it.
As a feedback I could tell you that sometimes the different string instruments overlap because they come from a similar place. Working on the panning could spread and clarify the counter melodies.
The sound of the choir doesn’t fit well for me, in this folky song. Maybe, a chidren choir would fit better.
Great job.

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Thank you very much for the feedback. Your probably right about the panning. I find it very hard to get two solo violin libraries to sound like they are playing duett. Well that’s the fun of keep on doing it to get it better.
By the way loved your version of Jurassic. Especially the organ. Looking forward to vote even if I didn’t make a contribution myself this time.

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