Midnight journey

Hello everyone, here is my track for this month challenge. I created a hybrid orchestral track.


Great to see you join the contest Klaus! :slight_smile:
I will listen to all entries at the end of the month. But I recommend you to go and listen to all entries now, since it is you (all members) that will vote with “hearts” on your favorites).

PS. Reminder - You must also be very active in the forum this month in order to have a chance to win, as one of the rules of the contest are:

  • Earn at least 25 hearts as a member in the community during September


Klaus I liked your track a lot it just seemed to lack that epic feel I that this contest is looking for, that’s my opinion

Thanks for your comment. It is absolutely ok, that you say your opinion. Perhaps there is in fact a lack of epic in this track. But this is my track so far. Next time I put a different one. Thanks a lot.