MIDI 2.0 Standard is finally here!

I have been waiting for this for years, and I hope that now that it is out, lots of new hardware, controllers and of course software instruments will take advantage of this. Digital technology with “analog” resolution, and way more expressive capabilities!

What are your thoughts? :slight_smile:


It was about time!
midi is screaming for a big upgrade.

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Haha, yes…MIDI 1.0 like 40 years old I think? :stuck_out_tongue:

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That would make it very young!!! (I am almost a kid!) hehehehe Seriously, it is super antiquated, everything evolved around it because its the standard language for what we do (program music)… but everything now that surged from it, is way more advanced and is being stalled by old midi, which is at the core of every DAW right now…

So with this midi 2.0, I would presume, million changes will derivate and a leap in evolution we may have soon… So if it is midi turn, I would presume that there will be a midi 3.0 or more iterations before that new leap in DAWs… MPE demands it!