Meditation waterfall

RULES: A new study music for relax.

Genre/Style: Relaxing music

Creative Vision for the Track: I found the video on pexels and I wanted to try making music to relax, imagining the sound of drops (the harp) falling into the pond, sounds of nature and branches moved by wind blows

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): I use Spitfire Audio Harp, Orchestral Tools Lucent flute, VSL Celestial String, VSL Fujara flute, Ample Percussion Cloudrum and the Spitfire Audio LAB nature sounds.
I not use tonal mode, but I try to create consonances and dissonances with a pattern repeated more time with the pedal tone of the cloudrum. The same pattern of the harp is a little change of the main motif.
I composed this music mainly also to try out the VSL and OT instruments that I had downloaded.


Very relaxing. I give you great compliments. But my cat gives you even higher compliments— he became very quiet, perked up his ears and went into a trance, after which he sat on my lap and was very calm.

I am very happy for your cat!! Thank you and I’m glad that the purpose of the music has been achieved!

Yes, the purpose of your beautiful music has been achieved both by humans and felines. Keep composing more in this style!

The surrounding scene, which must have sharpened your senses… It’s very atmospheric.