Meaning of Love

This is an acoustic guitar song I wrote and transferred notes into the Sonar 8.5 piano roll using a virtual acoustic guitar. I then added an arrangement. Any feedback about any aspect of the piece would be much appreciated. You might need to turn the bass down a bit because I always have trouble controlling the bass in the mix. I just enjoy composing and arranging, I’m not very good at mixing and mastering. Enjoy!

Here’s the SoundCloud link:

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Reverb is a very deceptive thing for beginners, so [1] you could benefit by reducing reverb, for starters.
[2] It’s a pretty song, but overwhelmed a bit, by having no breaks or recessions to give a sense of the form - where a verse or chorus starts or ends.
[3] yea that reverb [again] - places it all back in the distance. Would be nice to bring the sound forward into a space where it’s not so diffused. Then we can hear that guitar’s detail, and maybe a melody, distinct from the rest of the instruments - is the melody on the guitar, or the strings, or ?
[4] the bass is not a problem… as far as I can tell. But a high or low roll-off EQ would probably benefit…anything you can do to un-diffuse the sound.