Maybe going from Hi Sierra to Mojave

Hi Everyone,
I thought about upgrading from Hi Sierra to Mojave
I have a late 2013 imac 16 gig ram
1 tb hd space
Is there anything I need to know before I decide to upgrade?

Hi @bcraig,

before upgrading: Ask yourself if it’s really necessary. If you still can use all of your software, then I see no reason to make it. But if you do, make a proper backup, better two backups (if possible, you never know).

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Like Alexey said make a couple of backups - preferably bootable. If your system runs really slow after upgrade then at least you can go back.

I use superduper - free to just do a straight copy of your mac os boot disk

Carbon copy cloner is also really good and I think there is a 30 day free trial.

It should run ok as runs on imacs from 2012 onwards.

Both will do smart updates if you get paid versions.


Thank Alexey that is a good point
Well no I donot need to upgrade yet

Thanks Phil If I do later on I will post back here
But yes everything is working at the moment so I will stay with High Sierra

Thank again guy that save me a lot of time

I mentioned this before: Never change a running system!

These upgrades doesn’t give you any “advantages”. In most cases it’s more disadvantages. You lose time, energy, potentially money, once again time, nerves. Isn’t it better to invest this lost time in making new music?

Small story: I remember during my studies all of my colleagues upgraded to a new system. They said it’s cool bla bla. I was like: “Ok, I do it as well.” I didn’t make a full clean upgrade. Means, I just clicked the upgrade-bottom at the app-store. Big mistake. There is always a chance, that your system doesn’t support this upgrade from the app-store. Nothing worked as it should. I had to go back. Getting a .dmg file to make a new upgrade but only “clean” this time, so I delete everything from my drive. At the end…2 days lost.

In 8 years I only did 2 major upgrades. It was only because of Native-Instruments. Nothing else. Every time you make an upgrade, you potentially lose a lot of pre-bought licences from other developers, which must be updated (paying money once again!). If I could, I would stay 10 years on one machine. 10 years, buy a new one and be happy for the next 10 years. Music is always about you, your skills, your time investing. It shouldn’t be about the newest, the best, the “buy this, or you will never make it”! If you are happy now, why should this be different tomorrow? Only because someone told you that there is something “better”. Better is always relative. Newer stuff can be existing, but doesn’t mean it better.

If you work with High Sierra, you can make music for another 3-4 years without problems, without upgrades!

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Yes I very much appreciate Uour story of what happen yo You oh man :open_mouth:
that must of been very frustrating and mental exhausting
I also have to remember free is all I can do at this time
so money is not on my side just play rent and utilities and food
ya I need not listen to my friend on this otherwise I will possible end up in a big mess I might not be able to get out of

I am glad I post this if this can help others to think :thinking: first before upgrading this will save them a lot of heart ache thank Alexey :+1:

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