Marcus Manderson (@DaFingaz Entry): "Patience"

Here’s my entry, called “Patience.” I actually added some narration to another version of it (on YouTube) where I am sharing some productivity quotes.

Created in Logic Pro X using mostly Spitfire Audio stuff (mostly BBC SO Discover and LABS).


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Could you please provide more background as to what the piece is about, why you wrote it, more technical info, etc. I am sure everyone would want to know. Very nice entry, thanks for posting.

No problem. The same time this contest came about, I was working on a piece to have as background music to me narrating productivity quotes.

The quotes came as a result of a post I saw online with 40ish quotes about productivity.

I reached out to the author and asked if I could put music to it and narrate it.

It was a little while ago (and I make a lot of music), but I believe I used a combination of Spitfire Audio (usually suspects are BBC SO Discover, Originals, and LABS) and Xpand2!.

Feel free to check out the video here (read the description for more insight):

Thanks, Gary!

I like it very much, Marcus. Piano and strings for a soft, nice cushion. I also checked the video and it is a great idea. Sweet voice :+1:
But I think there is a problem in your “only music” version. Maybe it is still affected by the gate effect and it keeps letting space to the vioce and sound fx, so it is slightly silenced continuously :man_shrugging:
Anyway, good entry.

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Thanks for checking it out, Vicente! Good point; I did leave the sidechain on when I exported the audio only file.

I just tried to change it. I’m not sure if it will change in the Soundcloud file though. Thanks for catching that.

Glad you enjoy the idea!

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Nice and relaxing! I like the flow of the chord progression and the piano, which goes well with the water ambience.

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Thanks, David! Glad you enjoyed it!