Marcus Manderson Beautiful Music Contest Entry Jan/Feb 2020

Here you go. Thanks for the opportunity. I would appreciate any and all feedback. Created using GarageBand on a Mac.

Photo by Pawel Czerwinski.

For those interested, here are the sounds I used:

GarageBand Orchestral Percussion


@Soundiron Hyperion Strings Elements

Spitfire Pianobook Bechstein

Spitfire LABS Granular Piano

Spitfire LABS Super Sul Tasto Violin

Spitfire LABS Choir

Spitfire LABS Amplified Cello

Spitfire LABS Strings 2 Swell Ensemble

Spitfire Originals Epic Brass and Woodwinds

Xpand! 2 Orchestral Creation

Xpand! 2 The Bigger Story

Xpand! 2 Romantic String Ensemble

Xpand! 2 Taiko Thunder Drum

Xpand! 2 Timpani

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Some interesting textures here! My only criticism would go to the percussion side of things; overall good track!

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Thanks! Let me know what you would change with the percussion? Should it be removed altogether?

Listening to it again… now I found that you could justify the percussion elements to bring some attitude or to reinforce something. That isnt the case here. They distracted me as a listener… but main issue for me is the lack of a tempo… needs some percussion element to accentuate that (4/4 maybe…) Overall I reckon that you probably don’t need that percussion there unless it justifies being there. Chimers and/or cymbals work nicely there as they are :wink: Again only criticising as a listener and not as a composer. There’s no rules to how your music should sound like…

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I think you are right. LOL. I think I’ll remove the percussive stuff. Not sure if I can make changes to the entry here, but I’ve removed the non cymbal/chime stuff from the session.

Thanks for the feedback. I definitely appreciate it!

You might be able to repost…
Your track is great and simplicity probably the best option for the theme… a piano or a few elements sometimes is all you need to make it a memorable track. I was humming to yours earlier so it worked somehow :wink:

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Thank you again. Yeah…sometimes less is more. A lot of times. LOL. Here is the update with less drums. Thanks for the feedback!


Sounds ace, soak those cymbals in a load of verb to smooth them out a
D jobs a good’n :smile:

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Good idea! Thanks for the suggestion and for listening!

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No problem. Great track! Really enjoyed it

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I loved the composition, I like the pizzicato very much, as if it were the constant pass of time, the sound work and the combination of instruments is elegant and of great quality. The evolution of the piece is something of great level too

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Thank you for checking it out! Funny story: the pizzicato stuff is from Air Xpand. LOL. Totally underrated app (VST?) in my opinion. LOL.

Thank you again!

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