Making your own music libraries and sell them on your website? Thoughts?

Hey guys, I’ve just set up my own music libraries through my website, just wanted to know what are your opinions on finding clients and people interested in getting licences, your thoughts on marketing it etc, if it’s a good idea at all? Thanks a lot

For those of you who wants to check it out, here’s the link

Thanks a lot!

'm not an expert in this field I think it’s a great idea , it just shows you’re a multi-dimensional composer and will only help you, I would post it on all social media not just website, especially on instagram but even twitter or anywhere else- you never know what type of consumer will use a music library and for what kind of project!

Yes good point, thanks! I’ll give it a go. Yes I am going to use all social media platform to funnel people into my website, see how I go!

Hey man, what sort of libraries are you thinking of selling? Are they instruments, sounds, an actual licensing library?

Hey Geoffrey! Yes so it is actually instrumental tracks to be licensed!

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Ah cool. I thought so. I know a few people who do this. You need to put a LOT of money into advertising for it to work effectively. This is why a lot of people go for third party distribution libraries as they pay for you to advertise.

Oh right thanks for that. Yes so far I am trying to advertise it through facebook and other social medias. Do you have any recommendations for third party libraries?