Making the move to a big film hub city? (Which one)

Hi there all,

I am curious to know where everyone is based. I am currently based in Brisbane, Australia, and although it is such a beautiful and amazing city, I sometimes struggle to find some local paid gigs. This adding up to my growing homesickness for France, I’ve been thinking to make a move into a new place early next year. I’m still torn apart a few places, but would like to go to a city with a big film industry going, to really get started. I’ve heard Vancouver has had quite a lot going on in the last few years, so could be an option. I’d like to go to Los Angeles too as it seems like the obvious choice, but I was thinking to build up a strong portfolio prior to come… The main places that comes to mind in Europe would be London, Paris, Berlin?
Where are you guys all based, how’s your city and do you easily find jobs?

Thanks :slight_smile: