Macbook upgrade

Hi guys

So my macbook from mid 2014 has finally died ( thanks for rabbit pissing in it :frowning:) gonna buy a new macbook but need suggestions. Their 13inch has good specs but so does the 15, but 15 is a lot more expensive. In terms of logic Pro and editing what would ppl recommend :slight_smile:

If you mostly compose at home, get an iMac. No question. The 2019 is a beast at the moment and that 27" screen has no comparison. Yes, it’s 3k, but your MacBook will be almost at the same price at the end, after you upgraded RAM etc.

I still have my 2011 MacBook and if I think about what amazing things I still can do with it for actually 1250$ it’s awesome. The best scenario is to have both of course. Haha :slight_smile:

If you compare power, screen etc. iMac.
If you still want to be flexible, get the smallest model, but i7 at least and buy an external screen for 150$, if you don’t have one already. I worked like this almost 7 years! It works too!

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Actually what happened to your old MB? What did actually die?

Ideally needs to be macbook as I travel a lot. Though eventually I’ll get an imac. Basically some of the buttons aren’t working properly as water was spilt on it so gonna see if I can get it fixed. If not get a new one :slight_smile: