Looking for some kind of Frequencies Splitter

Hi Everyone,
I have a sample of water drips I wanted to separate each frequencies highs , mids and lows
so I can edited and assign plugins to each of them separately
Is their a free or paid plugin for this
Thank You in advance

You can do this in logic or any daw - just have 3 buses with eq with high pass next bus with low pass and one with band pass. You can tweak your eq to what ever frequencies you want. Silence you main track and just add what ever plugins you want to add on the buses.


There are various plugins for this, but if you have an EQ with highpass and lowpass filters (in the DAW channel strip, or otherwise) you can do it by processing each band on its own DAW track.

For a smother option, kHs Multipass and the Snapin ecosystem is a real handy way of doing this kind of stuff. Multipass splits the audio into up to five bands, which can then be processed with various effects in a modular fashion. There are also chains before and after the multiband part, and extensive macro and modulation capabilities. Kind of like a semi-modular synth, but for audio processing.

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