Looking for Logic Pro creative inspiration

Hi everybody,
I’m trying to work with Logic after some years with Cubase and Ableton Live. The main reason is I’m in macOS again, I like how the software is designed (shortcuts, general layout and coherence), I like to be able to edit the score editor while working on a track (Cubase score editor is to me a nightmare to use and I don’t really like to use rewire) and finally the integration with the iPad is really useful.

I’m looking for some artist showing how he works in Logic, something that really shows the potential and to be inspirational about the workflow. I find Jacob Collier to be astounding, is there anything like that?
In particular I love sound design and idm, something really creative and innovative. Not traditional tutorials about the software but more a work in progress stream maybe.
I find so many videos like that for Ableton Live, but not so many about Logic Pro.

Thank you!


I am going to start live streaming this year, when I work creatively in Logic Pro. Live Composing, Live Sound Design, Creating Presets, Testing out Plugins & Sample Libraries etc. :slight_smile:


Thanks but it’s a lot of investment for a… passtime… especially when you are not using apple ; (