Looking for High Quality "Dry" Hand Clap sample packs

I have claps, electronic, real recorded etc. But what I am looking for are dry (studio recordings) of hand claps…and lots of them (a big sample pack). I haven’t find a really high end hand clap sample pack, most are amateur packs, and I have tried making my own…did not get me the result I need.

So please, share any High Quality Dry Hand Clap packs! :smiley:

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how about this one?


Oh wow, that looks excellent, thank you! :slight_smile:

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Cool, glad that one works.

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I’m going to try something new for a composition/production, which depends on lots of dry percussion sounds, and lots of that “slap” type of sounds. :smiley:

is it going to be a mix of genres your track or what genre?

I don’t have any examples to show you right now, but I’m sure you heard it a lot on TV. It’s music that is super popular on ads these days. Used to be all about those happy upbeat ukulele and whistle tunes (which I can’t stand personally). Now I’ve seen a movement towards those more super snappy pop style and dry beats with lots of use of organic persussion sounds like claps, snaps, slaps, stomps etc. Think: Michael Jacks beat, with a modern touch. :slight_smile:

well sounds diff, good luck, its cool to try diff styles too.

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Oh yes it is, forces you to break from your habits! :wink:

Hi Mike, I have this and personally I like it very much

What do you say?

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Will check it out as well thank you! :smiley: