Looking for EXS24 Sampler Alternatives

Hi Everyone,
First I like to know from everyone what makes a great sampler?

Thank You

I would say Kontakt is the industry standard, but in Logic it may be easier to start with EXS24. Depends on what you want to do. If you mean creating your own sampled sounds, I personally only used samplers for percussive sounds, and then Battery by Native Instruments is my go to choice.

I want to bring in a mp3 of a flowing water to use with my keyboard using key tracking
if that is all possible?

yes it is, then I would use Alchemy or Omnisphere. I added a video example in another thread, but I will add it here as well:

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It would be nice if Apple update the exs24 sampler
I found some videos over at a place called Groove3.com

EXS24 In Action
I think I be learn the basic EXS24 and Retro synth before I go to Alchemy
but I will get there :crazy_face:

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I agree Brian, EXS24 is so old and annoying interface to work with. That’s why I prefer Omnisphere for sampling personally. :slight_smile:

I know I understand I was going to get Your Omnisphere course but I have to know idea when I can get the funds for that software :slightly_frowning_face:
so I use what I have
and will continue looking for a good free sampler
I sure their some good ones out there :wink:

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