Looking for a IPhone Shotgun mic for field recording

Hi I am looking for a good iPhone mic that can do great audio isolation so when I point the mic at the source it recorded just that sound I am after
when recording like Foley type of effects for sound design
anyone have any recommendations?

There’s a few good ios mics
XY stereo mics
Rode i-XYL -meant too be good but expensive XY stereo mic

Tascam iM2X

Condenser mics

Shure MV 88 stereo condenser mic

Bit more bulky condenser mic is Apogee MiC

I think the rode comes with foam wind shield but probably good idea to get one if you get a mic without especially if your recording outside.

Shotgun mics
Rode video me shotgun mic

gets mixed reviews.

Another option is to use lightning to 3.5mm jack adapter and use mics with TRRS 3.5mm jack connector - these are quite common for video cameras etc. these are geared up for video but should theoretically work - might be worth double checking though.

Azden SMX-30: DSLR Shotgun +Stereo mic

Another option is get an XLR adatpter for iphone like

then you can pretty much choose what you want.
Sennheiser MKH416 or Sennheiser MKE 600 or if want something cheaper Audio-Technica AT8035
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Thank you Phil much appreciate it looks like some really really good options HERE thank you for taking the time and posting all that up it’ll be a little while before I can get some of those but I will definitely be researching else thanks again

this two looks promise at the price

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Which of these do You own?
I do have a old Zoom H5
But unfortunately this had gotten misplace during the move so still looking for that
So been trying to found other option with my old iPhone 6 Plus