Looking for a Free and Paid Class or Course on Alchemy

Hi Everyone,
I looking to learn the basic of the Alchemy in Logic
Does anyone know of some great free and paid (for later)
courses ?

Thank You in advance

you can check on youtube there is a lot of tutorial from the beginning to advanced
on udemy there is some course and you can wait till there is a reduction on the price so you can have the course for only 11$

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Musictechhelpguy on YouTube has an amazing video series on Alchemy, I honestly haven’t learned this instrument’s full potential yet, but I can say this: While I consider Omnisphere to be the most feature packed synth and sound creator of all, Alchemy would be up there on that top list. It is seriously incredible how deep it is.


Thanks Mike and Florent I will check both of those that out😀

Mike yes Omnisphere I love to get that but the price is so very much
I wondered if this will come down a lot on Black Friday this wold be awesome to have a real good synth :thinking:

Spectrasonics are the Apple of music software, so never do any sales ever I’m afraid. But seeing as I used it since 2009 and there’ only been one single paid upgrade during that time (2.0), I would say they are one of the most generous brands when it comes to delivering value to their customers. And Eric Persing, the founder, is just about the most likable CEO ever! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Music tech guy has a fairly comprehensive series of tuts on Alchemy. Its a lovely synth. I also really like u-he Zebra for sheer depth and sound design.

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I find it kind of strange how few tutorials, courses, guides etc. there are for Alchemy since it is such an incredibly feature rich and deep synthesizer. =/

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To be honest I have never used this program before so I need to be kind to myself through the process
Their just so many controls very overwhelming :astonished: