Looking for 2 plugins Oscilloscope and Frequencies Analyzer

Hi Everyone,
Looking for two type of plugins
hopefully free but also commercial for later or Black Friday sale

1.Oscilloscope Where can I find a Oscilloscope plugin for visual reference a example would be when learning synthesis I can see what a sine wave actually looks like etc…

2.Frequencies Analyzer
I do have a frequencies analyzer in Logic Pro X
But I am looking for one That shows frequencies with their Musically Notes Pitches

Not sure about note pitches… I think I’ve seen that somewhere, but can’t remember where.

Anyway, there is schOPE, which at least shows note (and cents) under the cursor:

Also, VPS Scope, with various visualization modes; free if you any other VPS with dongle based DRM:

Oh, and FabFilter Pro-Q 3 has a piano roll mode as well. (And, it’s a great EQ with an amazing UI.)

As for learning waveforms, there are many synths that will display and/or let you draw waveforms; Serum, Europa, Wiggle, VPS Avenger, kHs Phase Plant etc…


Wow I really need to get FabFilters Pro-Q some day, I had no idea about that piano roll mode…but this EQ seems to be so incredibly versatile and full of features! :smiley:

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Indeed! There are some nice EQs out there, but I think Pro-Q 3 pretty much does everything they do (analysis, EQ match, dynamic bands, dynamic with sidechain, extremely steep bands, zero latency, linear phase…), better, and with a nice, simple GUI. Version 4 will probably walk your dog as well. :wink:


Thanks David I check these out
Wow that Fab Filter Pro Q 3 that piano roll that is what I am looking for I check that out again Thanks

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The only one which comes to mind is only the FabFilter EQ with build in analyzer. There are so many copies of that, but FF is in my opinion the only way to go and step up! :slight_smile:

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Meldaproduction MAnalyzer. Lots of visual options. It’s free.


Free try

You can freeze display and show musical notes as well as Hz.

Also might be worth looking at blue cats freq analyst which is free ( comes with the free bundle)



Hi there Faberman ,
I went to the

Meldaproduction MAnalyzer


It says I need to get the MFreeFXBundle
and this is really free what the catch ?

do I have to get the whole bundle to get any of the ones I just need?

Because money is a issue

It also has the other tool I need which is



Hi Brian,
The MFreeBundle is a very valuable free package. It’s free, but there is a 49$ price if you want some additional functions like upsampling. But for MAnalyzer and MOsciloscope there is no difference. The bundle has lots of high-quality very useful plugins (compressor, eq, saturator, tremolo, vibrato, loudness analyzer…). All Meldaproduction stuff has one installer file (less than 300 Mb), and on the installation process, you just choose what bundles or individual plugins you want to install.
Melda’s MAanalyzer is very feature-rich, I use it regularly. The other excellent Spectrum Analyzer is Voxengo Span (also free).

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ok I downloaded them wow theirs a lot of them crazy :crazy_face:

I had to use the Terminal on my Mac since I am using High Serra so they told me to disable the GateKeeper
I email them back and still waiting to hear from them on what do I need to type back in the MAc Terminal

how do I install this
it says I need :dizzy_face:
Note that you need to install AudioUnit plug-in for use in Logic Pro,

confuse sorry never install from this commpay

Brian, I’m not on Mac and Logic Pro, so I can not answer you. I suppose you just need to download the correct installer:
and then install it on your system, and Logic should recognize it…

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Thanks for help much appreciated
this was not easy install I believe I got
if I understood more how this was done I do a video on so others that might be having trouble install

so here is Screen Shots
I guess Mac Audio Units are also called Components I think this is deceptive

Step One Click on Mac installer (Thanks Faberman for link to download :+1:)


Step Two Drag Components (ak Audio Units ) to Components Folder

**Step Three make sure new Mac Audio Units or Components **
go in this order


Step Four now this was what I did before would actually show up in Logic was just restart my Mac

Step Five Lunch Logic and hopefully everything should good

Ok hope this help somebody

Oh well I just found this as apple got back to me

Find Audio Units plug-ins on your Mac

David Thanks for taking the time to post these I will keep them on my list of to get plugins

are thier any that you know of that are free or under $30

One thing I do is have either the library or the AU components folder in finder window side bar or have an alias for both on your desktop. A lot of free and some paid plugins don’t have installers and just expect you to put in in the component folder.

Also be aware that AU components can be local to your Mac user library
In the Finder choose Go > Go to Folder, enter “~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components” into the Go to Folder field, then click Go.

or system wide in the main library

  • In the Finder choose Go > Go to Folder, enter “/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components” into the Go to Folder field, then click Go.
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I do have one Compoment after doing the go < folder

never mind all good its for Pro Tools very old and doesn’t work anymore I stay will Logic Pro X

I know I am learning that it sad that they do not have their own installers
Thanks Phil that will be helpful

I got Wiggle for less than $20 on a recent Plugin Boutique sale, but I’m afraid the others are much more expensive, even on the most aggressive sales. :frowning:

There are plenty of free synths out there, but most have no visualization at all, it seems. Maybe this one - also available as a Unity (the game engine) asset: :open_mouth:

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Thanks David I check out Helm
and start saving for the others over time :+1::sunglasses: