Longing - Ambient track


Ambient track involving ethereal voices.

At the time of writing, I was involved in figuring out the main elements of a good ambient track. I was playing around with pads, drones, pedals, rhythm, melody, with a concern for occupying most of the frequency spectrum, meaning the 3 or the 5 registers.

Also, I’d been wanting for a long time to do a track with a vocal library which I find hard to handle. I find it hard to make them sound realistic when it’s not a choir buried in a huge epic track. Even then it’s not that easy.

Composition Overview

The track is in c minor with a middle eastern flavor. The music is quite simple, a C drone/pedal with a melody on top.

Sound Palette

  • Heavyocity - Vocalise
  • 8Dio - Laurie
  • NI - Ethereal Earth
  • NI - Factory Library
  • Heavyocity - Scoring Bass
  • East West - Voices of Passion

Thank you for listening and dont be afraid to comment.

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