Logic User How to Sync up to two totally different Audio files

Hi all,
I have brought in an audio file into Logic and yesterday I made a recording of a loud click now I want to sync the two together both of them as they recorded at the same time

What are the steps on how to do this in Logic?
Also how to sync up the audio clip to Logic’s metronome?

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Hey! It’s a little less complicated than it seems.

Double click on the click audio so that the editor opens. Go to smart tempo and click edit. The rest is quite self explanatory but leave a comment on this thread if you get stuck. After that logic should analyse the tempo though.

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Ok Logic analyze the audio clip
In editor
I got a reading of 93.5 bpm
and Logics default is as You Know 120 bpm

And I looking to go to 60bpm
(Just as a test I probably try a lot of different bpm to get this concept)

So do I just
Step 1. first change the number in the audio editor in this case change the 93.5bpm to 60bpm
Step 2. and also change the desire number in the main window from 120bpm to 60bpm

And this should line up with the metronome?

Just figured this out for myself too, since I do it a long winded way. Need to swat up again on smart, keep and auto though (there’s probably a better way using those functions).

I would highlight your audio and right click and select SMPTE lock - lock SMPTE position so you can amend Logic’s project tempo without it altering the tempo of your audio. Change Logic’s project tempo to match the current tempo of your audio - 93.5bpm. (My tempo setting is set to keep btw). Now you can select and right click your audio and select SMPTE lock - unlock SMPTE so you can make it a different tempo by changing the tempo in Logic. Then change the Logic project tempo to 60 and your audio should change with it. If it doesn’t (it should) press G for global tracks and drag the tempo line to 60.

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