Logic to ProTools

Hi, a question about transferring audio files to Pro Tools:

I don’t have ProTools yet, so this is a really beginner question. What information transfers to ProTools from Logic? I’ve started working with a sound engineer for a project and, as you know, everyone works in Protools. I’m not Clear on whether the sends and plugins transfer to ProTools. I think the plugins on individual tracks do, but I’m still unsure.



As far as I’m aware when we did this when I was in a band we had to bounce track stems with any plugins you want (especially if there logic ones) - protools doesn’t support AU plugins - it uses AAX plugins - although I think you can use VST/AU with a wrapper plugin but think it’s not straight forward.

So (someone can correct me as I did this about 8 years ago and might have changed).
Bounce out your tracks both with and without plugins and also create tracks for your buses and bounce those.

You then can always use protools plugins on your dry tracks if you want.

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Hi Phil, Thanks. It didn’t occur to me to try bouncing with & without. Thanks. Most of the plugins were applied to the MIDI tracks before I bounced to audio. As I try to mix closer to my reference tracks, I’ve used some on the audio tracks (Still working in Logic) and that’s my concern.

I have a much greater appreciation for sound engineers now. I understand why some of the people I used to know drop thousands of dollars on post production. I’m trying to get as close as I can before going back into the studio for mastering in ProTools.

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Things have changed drastically, as equipment became more effortable to the mass, so many people can call themselves engineers and composers and whatever. However, one thing remains: You can have the greatest gear at your fingertips and the best sounding studio/room, but you can’t learn that craft in a year or two or three…and this is where most people stop. You can ask someone to do a mix for you for 50$, and most likely you will get that qualify for 50$ as well. Experienced engineers are paid for their experience and their taste. And good taste comes ONLY throughout many many many years in making music and learning the craft in and out.

Can anyone insert a compressor? Yes.
But can anyone tell you why he used this compressor? No.

On the other side, I heard crappy work from multi-million dollars studios throughout as well. Equipment never will do the work for you, only knowledge, experience and taste, as I said before, and this should cost more then 50$ a mix.