Logic Pro X Users From Chaos to Useable Order

Hi all hope all is going good :grinning:

From Chaos to Useable Order

What plugin do I need or others use to take any type of sound that you recorded
nature sounds like different birds for example
and start to fix each of them to a music pitch
To be use as a virtual instrument?

Well in order to play pitch there needs to be a pitch present in the audio from the beginning. You can’t play pitch of noise, like wind, water etc. But birds do sing so you could perhaps try import that into the new sampler in Logic Pro 10.5.

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Thanks tor the tip
Could the eq be use to locate and zero in on the pitch from the different birds ?

I think you would have to manually slice the sample up for that to work. :slight_smile:

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Ok here is what I done
I learning slowly by learning :smile:

Step one
Record with a app on iPhone called record pro 7 which lets me record at 96Hz and watch my metering levels so when recording did not clip

So I did record some bird sounds early in morning I learned so far by using higher recording rate I have more flexibility to play with especially if I want to lower the pitch down or up a octave or 2

Step Two
Upload my audio file to my Mac using Dropbox
very cool and useful and never herd of this program before

Step Three
Drag and drop into Logic main track window and use Marquee tool to cut what single part of the audio I want to use

Step Four
Use a background noise remover

Step Five
Then drag and drop that cut audio into sampler and zoom in and use the locator to target what I wanted to keep and then close sampler

So basic I would like to be able to find a way to with this new sample

1.Zero in on the birds Frequencies to look for possible musically pitches to use - I think this would be with eq
2.Be able to monitor Frequencies while I tune them so I know visually where I am - I know Pro -Q can do this not sure of a another way to do this
3. Change those isolate Frequencies to a fix pitch or pitches
4.Tune that pitch to what root note I need

I hope this make more sense?

That sounds super complex. If you slice the samples that have 1 single pitch per sample, then good samplers can find and adjust the tuning automatically. I tried this myself a couple of years ago, and made a video here:

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Mike when You can I love to see more of this type of videos
maybe using Your hand held recording devices i phones,Zoom Hn etc…
to record out side sounds and inside sounds and so us different ways we all can use them with Logic’s new Sampler

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Just an idea but maybe you could use a spectrogram to narrow in on the fundamental frequency of the bird songs. I’m thinking you’ve found a solution already since you were talking about the frequencies of birds in another post. I wanna get a spectrogram for Logic at some point but it’s not a priority since I don’t have a real reason for needing one. There are free ones for Windows but not Mac :slightly_frowning_face:

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