Logic Pro X: MIDI CC with Expression/Modulation?

Hey guys, can’t seem to figure out how to CC map the Expression and the Modulation parameters within Logic? If anyone knows that’d be very helpful!

Expression = CC11
Modulation = CC1

Open piano roll, access automation (A), then on the left side you can change which automation lane you want to modify. Velocity levels is default, so there you can choose from the list things like Modulation, Expression, Pitch-Bend etc. :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks for Mikael! And am I able to map those cc to my MIDI controller?

Yes, I have a MIDI keyboard that is able to “program” the faders on the actual MIDI keyboard. So my faders always send out like this: Fader 1 = CC1, Fader 2 = CC2 etc. :slight_smile:

I believe always using the same CC per fader is better since you will remember more easily which is which.

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