Logic Pro X - free bonuses

Hi everyone

Does anyone know where I put my free bonus sample and chords from Mike?

I think it’s in: HD>username>Music>Audio Music Apps…but I can’t really make it work.

Has anyone done this, please let me know.

All the best


Ah you are referring to my sample packs and MIDI library? :slight_smile:
I simply have them in an organized folder structure on one of my hard drives, then when I want to use any MIDI or Sample, I just drag and drop from Finder into Logic Pro X.

So basically, you can have them in any folder, wherever you want on your computer.

PS. I wish Logic had a built in user library system for samples, but it does not. What you can do, is import audio samples into Apple Loops if you want to access them from there. I am not sure it works for MIDI Clips but it might. You do this by opening up the Apple Loops in Logic, and then dragging and dropping the samples from Finder to Apple Loops. That will give you an import process.

Great, thanks:-)

I was getting to the same conclusion, but the import to Apple Loops is worth considering.


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Hi Mikael
I have just Joined and so this is all new to an old soul like myself.
But I can’t seem to find where to look to get hold of the Free MIDI Chord Bank.
Please help.


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Hello Mike,
I’ve added links to all free bonus content in the first main section of the forum “Your Member Area”. There is a sub section called “Bonuses” where you will find them all.