Logic Pro Drummer will not play half-time on any project slower than 110BPM - is this a glitch or a known limitation?

So I have a project that is 75BPM in 3/4

I added a Drummer (Magnus Big Room EDM) track but wanted a certain section in half-time

So, I clicked on “Auto Half-Time” in the “Details” pane - nothing changed

I then thought, well, maybe Drummer cannot do half-time in 3/4 so I converted the entire project to 4/4 - clicked “Auto Half-Time” and still nothing changed

I then opened a new project and only put a Drummer (Magnus Big Room EDM) track on it - I set this project to 100BPM in 4/4 - clicked “Auto Half-Time” and nothing changed

I then sped the tempo to 120BPM in 4/4 – clicked “Auto Half-Time” and finally, Logic changed it to half time

Then, as it was playing in half-time, I gradually decreased the tempo and, as soon as it went under 110BPM, the track no longer played half-time

I went back to my 75BPM in 3/4 project and increased the tempo to 110 and voila, Drummer played in half-time

I suppose I answered my own question in this post but it would be nice to get a confirmation or reason behind Drummer only playing half-time on projects that are 110BPM or faster

Thank you and be well