Logic Pro convert audio to MIDI

I followed Mike’s YouTube tutorial on converting audio to MIDI using Flexpitch and opening a new software track from the data it produced. A new track is produced and the notes are visible in the track region. However, there is nothing that can be selected in the editor/piano roll is blank and score shows only rests. Any ideas about what I am doing wrong? Thanks!

Welcome to the Composer’s community Tom! :slight_smile:
I haven’t done that Audio to MIDI conversion for years, since I made that video. I personally always record my performances with MIDI keyboard, Guitar etc. So I could not really say now what is wrong. But if you add a couple of screenshots or made a video recording (screen recording) of what you do, perhaps someone (or even myself) can see where the error might be.


Hi Mike,

I am glad to be a member. I have resolved the problem converting audio to MIDI. Just needed to increase note velocity.

Where can we hear your compositions?

Thanks for your prompt response!


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Ah glad you sorted it out. Here’s my SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/peakeleven

There is also a section in this composer community called “Your Music” where members (like yourself) can post their compositions for feedback. The requirement is to write a detailed description so we get some insights into your music composition before listening! :slight_smile: