Logic Pro 10.4.8 / Global Tracks / Arrangment / Functions

Hi, I’m struggling with the global arrangement function!
I’ve watched Mikaels tutorial on Global Arrangement on Youtube, and totally understand it’s functionality.

But what on when you have overlapping content/Regions!!!

If I move eg, the intro to another position, some regions get cut, thats inside the arrangement marker, and
overlapping to eg the verse.

After moved

Hope someone understand what I’m after, I know I can move it afterwards, More work though :slight_smile:

All the Best Niko Valsamidis

I know the issue, and sadly it is the way it works. You will get “sliced” regions if they are overlapped when you use arrangement tracks for copying. So you will have to do some clean-up afterwards on all regions that were overlapping sections.

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OK, That’s to bad, the you’ll have to do the traditional copying :slight_smile:
Shift+L (select inside cycle/Locators) Is a good alternative :raised_hands: and then copy!
thx for answer :heart:

All The Best Niko

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The easiest way to ‘fly the hook’ or move various regions with different start times cleanly and keep them locked to bars, is to ‘snap regions to relative value’ and set the grid to bars. I know it’s not the magic button you’re looking for, but I find it to be extremely versatile. I set a shortcut key to snap grid to ‘bars’ so I can quickly into this mode and its very fast to work with, very small amount of errors doing it this way.

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