Logic did not record correctly

Hi Everyone,
sorry if I sound abit tried I been up all day and night abit manic anyways
I was just trying to record a simple drone sound from Alchemy

Here a video showing what is going on please has anyone had this problem
I am on
MacOS High Sierra
version 10.13.6

and Logic is 10.4.7 build version 5137

Well the first thing which is strange that you jump with your mouse from Bar 3 to 6.

Some sounds, even if they are drones, still have natural decay times set up. I don’t know Alchemy, however in most synth-patches you can program how long the patch is playing in bars – so how many bars you sound is decaying, if that makes sense. If you take 10 other patches, and everyone has a “cut-off” thing going on, then sometimes is really wrong. Sometimes what happens as well, if you have a MIDI-note on the exact 1.00 Bar/Timecode, that the sound is not playing properly. Because of this, sometimes I start my compositions not on the first Bar in the DAW but somewhere on the middle, like 33 or 65, so I have plenty of room in the front, as well in the case, if I need to put sometimes in front…you never know! :wink:

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