Logic Audio File Editor on going Questions

Hi Everyone
I have a question I am in the Audio File Editor.
as you can see the yellow cycle range
sometimes in the Audio File Editor. and File Editor this yellow cycle range goes way off

is there a keyboard shortcut where I can bring it back?

C is the key command for cycle area on or off. Here is a video I made with some extra tips:

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Oh Thanks Mike That was very helpful much appreciated :grinning:

MIke this works great in the main window
It works in the Track View Editor but If I cut the audio clip to short it this feature will not work

But it doesn’t seem to work in Audio File Editor which is where I need it
not sure why?

That’s because when you work in Audio File Editor you are no longer connected to the sequencer. It’s just the way it works, just like any audio editing software.

PS. I personally almost never worked in the audio file editor view, as I did most sound design audio editing in Propellerhead Reason Samplers etc.

is this kind of editing easy in Omisphere just wondering?
try to save up for this software

No Omnisphere has no audio editing at all. you would need an audio editing software outside of Logic. I have no experience in that but perhaps someone else in here do.

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