Logic 10.5 bug?

So I downloaded the new logic. But I think I have a bug. The faders keep moving down to -16 on their own. Is this a bug or can it be fixed by doing some sort of magic. Checked preferences and background stuff and can’t see anything that would suggest i

Thanks for all of your times guys!

Update. I’m actually thinking it’s not Logic… Logic is fine but this bug only happens when Kontakt is open and it’s located only to that stem… :open_mouth:

Some hidden automation perhaps?

No all the automation is blank. It’s on a brand new template too so nothing should be in the background. I think it’s a script update that’s needed from NI?? They released an email earlier saying a few things have happened to NI software since the update so it may just be that.

Oh yeah I heard Native instruments had some issues, hopefully they will sort it out asap.

Yes me too I have z as few projects I’ve had to contact clients about stating I’m waiting for an update. They’ve been very understanding though thankfully.

Ok update. I fixed the bug myself as Apple were a big useless and didn’t have a clue.

It turns out that it was my audio interface glitching out. I had to do a system update on the audio interface as automap isn’t compatible with the new Apple firmware. This messed about with some of the parameters of the faders and accidentally assigned all faders to all of my outputs. It was a simple fix, but it was hard to track down. all done now though!! Yay!!