Lindy Dreams - relaxing music

My entry for relaxing music is “Lindy Dreams”. This is the second movement, completed this month, of a suite that I am working on.

The piece for small orchestra portrays the imagination and pictures of a dreaming child, named Lindy. Some of these pictures are intriguing and even a bit spooky, however resolve into happier and beautiful illusions.

Musically, the foundation of the piece is composed of flowing harp and string arpeggios. The “A” sections revolve harmonically around two alternating half-diminished chords, providing the indeterminate sound and dreamlike state. French horn and woodwind melodic snippets impart assorted images for the dream. The simple and unadorned sound of the piccolo phrases further reinforce the innocent nature of the dreaming child. The “B” chorale sections resolve to happier visions via the C major chord in second inversion, accentuated by the celeste. Harmonically, this section ascends climatically up to a Bb major 7th chord outlined by the clarinet with a resolving #11th tone with the oboe. The flute wafts the final melody back into the reverie of the flowing harp.

The score and audio were produced using StaffPad for iOS. Sound libraries include the Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra and the Berlin harp.

I hope you enjoy this ethereal, relaxing composition!

Brandon Walker


Beautiful and dreamy! Your treatment is very evocative and delicate.I’m not sure why, but I thought of English orchestral pieces from 100 years ago. Well done!
Regards, Adrian.


Very interesting!

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Thank you Adrian for the kind words. Agree, it does sound a bit English to me as well, although I’m not sure why.


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Very dreamy, amazing job with those instruments. It is very relaxing in my opinion.

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Definitely, it is an awesome piece.

Thank you Vincente! Appreciate your review.