Life goes on - a quick track based around some piano chords

Track concept. Ok so I started off wanting to do a simple track in a short period off time - ie arrange and mix etc in 3-4 hours. I got fed up of taking ages to do anything so I just wanted to get something done. Wanted to do something mellow and ambient-esque with everything thats going on in the world at the moment. In second week of 14 day isolation - will still be working after this as I work in healthcare although trying to do some work from home.

So the idea started with a few piano chords (5 chord repeating pattern) - I just bounced out and worked around that.

Track is 87bpm in A major. Used Artura’s analog lab, Retcon, Etheria and some field recordings for ambient back drop. Very simple really just wanted to create a soundbed and explore that. Reversing piano loop etc. Gradually going on an evolving journey. Gradually bringing in vocals and exploring a simple melody. Kind of wanted to explore how much you could do with a simple repeating pattern.

Anyway everyone stay safe and look after each other.


Nice ambient sound.
You should give it a bit more movement in the middle section of the track.

Take care and best wishes,

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Hey, really enjoyed this. I don’t think it needs more movement at all, it’s fantastic as is. Especially in the time restraint. All I would suggest is putting the izotope imager on the master and whacking it up to about 40% to give it a little more width and have a slower fade out in the end that is maybe washed in verb to smoothen the transition.

Awesome track!

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Thanks for sharing. Very relaxing. I have no experience in sound design so I can´t give any feedback here but I´ll have to say that I really love the finale top in the end.

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Thanks for the feedback - did use wider plugin on the pads but will try izotope imager - thanks for the tip on ending was debating whether to put more reverb on at the end

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No problem. Izotope on the master out will make it really wide and stop the parts getting in the way of eachother. Just don’t use the stereo function.

Nice! Sounds like it’s 2049 and the world is still under lock down! I enjoyed the free flowing ambience and the mood is just great!
Well done!
Regards, Adrian.

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nice idea with the voices and change in tempos, where did you get those vocals from? maybe it works better when you don’t overthink what you’re doing.

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Vocals are original Ethera kontakt library (1st version) which I believe has been updated to version 2 and there’s loads of other versions available

I love it. Music is about emotions, not about notes.

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