Library 1 - Music with no 'artistic pretensions'

Well, I finally decided (a little while ago) to put aside my artistic pretensions, and write something specifically for music Libraries, which I’d never done before.

In the end I didn’t submit it to any libraries, and just ‘put it in a draw’. Taking it out again recently for another listen, artistic pretensions or not, I found I quite liked the piece. It made me smile.

Perhaps it will make you smile too :wink:

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Very enjoyable and relaxing. Sounds like it’d be something for The Weather Channel’s Local on the 8’s with that contemporary, kind of jazzy vibe.


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Thank you. Glad you lied it.

Mark- if I’m hearing this correctly, it seems like you’ve successfully integrated an amazingly diverse set of sounds into one cohesive piece of music. Very cool!
I love the piano playing in the middle of the piece; very tasty, very well paced.
Your music made me smile.


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Thank you so much. really appreciate the comments. Thank you.

And glad it made you smile :wink: