Learn Omnisphere in 30 minutes (Video)

Omnisphere Video Tutorial: https://youtu.be/rFvqHLPCmUM

I hope you enjoy my fellow Omnisphere users! =)

Mikael “Mike” Baggström

Omnisphere for Beginners (Tutorial)


Hey Mike. I hope you are doing well during this quarantine, although in Sweden you are already reaching “herd immunity”, so I learned from the news.

A question for you: have you upgraded already your Logic Pro X? this was the upgrade I was waiting for for years! so I am very happy. Now I think, I will never even will look at another DAW :slight_smile: --I am leabving BitWig right now!

So the question, if the first one above is positive, what happened with Omnisphere? is it working alright? (I have 2.0 and could upgrade to 2.5 but I wont do it for a while because I don’t want to have trouble with a lot of projects I have, before I can review everyone of them and convert every instance of Omnisphere -along with other instruments, and render them bounced in place…

Hello Marco, and thank you for caring about my well being. I am doing fine so far, and yes it seems to be hopefully ending Coronavirus in Sweden soon! :slight_smile:

Yes, Logic Pro 10.5 is the best upgrade in many years! I did a video on it here: https://youtu.be/vjvSgH-KwKI

I use Omnisphere 2.6, and while I did not do any hard tests, it has been working fine with the new Logic for me. I’m still on Mojave OS X though, waiting a while before Catalina.

Early riser, good! :+1:

Mike, i am also in Mojave. I might get now Catalina, it seems all major plugins are ready now… haven’t do a strong check also, but the main ones I mostly use seem already… ready. EXCEPT Omnisphere 2.0, because it’s free the upgrade to 2.6, it is assumed everyone will do it. I don’t want to risk that until I know it works, or I backup my projects because I use Omni sphere and stylus in maybe 8% of my old projects.

Have a good week :+1:

I would wait a bit more…the Catalina upgrade is the biggest shift in many years, since they REMOVE all support for 32-bit apps. I mean, this is a good thing we get progress to 64-bit but any plugin that is still 32-bit only will not work.

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That I’ll do :+1: thanks Mike!

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