Learn How to Create Amazing Transitions

Do you want to Learn How to create Amazing Transitions?

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Learn to how control the energy, the dynamics, the voice leading, the sound effects and composing techniques for any style of transition in your music. Master the glue of music that makes everything flow together and shaped the way you want your music story to progress.

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  • Learn the Foundations

  • Explore the Sounds & Colors

  • Discover Practical Tips & Insights

  • Get Live Examples & Demonstrations

  • Become a Master of Transitions

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ooo! Nice :slight_smile: Congrats. I would re-work a bit on the introduction video though. Composers ofcourse know what you mean by transitions and why they are important and what it means to compose “natural” or “realistic” sounding music, but someone interested in music composing, all the talk about “transitions” and “glue” might sound like meaningless marketing words. I’m sure you’ll do great, though. You have a very pleasant talking/teaching voice. You might also want to re-consider playing entire tracks of your example music. Every minute the student is not learning, is frustrating for him/her. Which brings me to the bigger issue… You are going through sections and decisions you make for your track. What feeling you wanted to evoke and what happens at point this and that. I ofcourse don’t know how the other videos are structured, but at least this one - I feel, is not really teaching anything. For that reason, it might not be the best video to put for preview. A potential student sees a complicated score and a long explanation of things that make him none-the-wiser, so they might be intimidated and not buy.
Intro video:

  • explanation on what transitions are
  • what do we mean by “musical journey” and
  • how do transitions help the song sound more natural.
    Other preview video should be about explaining some core concept or the sort; not too complicated and should definetly give the feeling that you can make them understand. If “The Circle Of Fifths” is one of your classes, definetly put that.
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Thank you Aron, great points, very constructive feedback! I will take everything into consideration for future changes. :slight_smile:

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Hi Mikael, I have completed some of your courses and I would say that they are excellent.

One course discusses the different ways to group instruments i.e. a Sketch Folder, Design folder…etc, but I would have to say those different ways have confused me as to the best way of grouping.

In ‘How to Create a Logic Pro X Template’ you discussed another way - Drums & Percussion (PERC), Bass & Low-End (LOWS)…etc, however, I tend to learn better looking at an example - so, is it possible for you send me a link to download a logic file showing the layout discussed?

Also, you talked about the TEController BBC 2 interface device. That is a fascinating device, but I have been advised that to send the product to Australia - I assume from Sweden – there is a flat rate postage & Handling of 50 Euro, which equates to $81 Australian dollars.

For device that essentially fits in the palm of a hand and probably weighs less than 0.5kg I feel it is an outrageous cost – does this seem reasonable from your end?

The cost of the device + postage will be $441 Australian dollars, which I certainly need to reconsider this device.

Also, is it possible to record with that device without a midi device, such as a keyboard, iPad…etc. connected i.e. just simply move the device with a tune already recorded on a separate track, but as that track is played the emotions are recorded on another track?

Thanks. John.

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Greetings John and a warm welcome! :slight_smile:
I see you are new to the community. Would you please add your first name in your profile so that it shows when you post? (we have this rule as it encourages a more friends/family-oriented atmosphere).

Grouping is very individual as to what you prefer, I change it up myself for different projects. I don’t have any such template file saved though. There is not really a “best way”…only the way you prefer for your personal workflow. :wink:

A breath controller is not a necessary device, but I like it for winds and brass since it mimics the natural way of playing the dynamics on those instrument families.

I never buy anything outside EU myself due to insane shipping costs and in some cases customs add-ons, so I totally understand your hesitation.