Leap Motion Controller for Music Expression

I am always looking for ways to add expression in the performance when I record. And I’ve seen some composers use the Leap Motion controller to great effect.

Do anyone of you have experience with this device for music, or any views/thoughts about it to share? :slight_smile:

Here’s the new Infinite Woodwinds 2.0, where Aaron performs beautifully with the Leap Motion controller:


Interesting. Like a theremin :thinking:


I have no idea how it works, but it looks so musical and expressive to use! :smiley:

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The “dance” is similar to a theremin but the principles of working are different. And yes, could be great try those gadgets. Or create one. :thinking: it would be a fun time. I’m industrial engeneer but not electronic specialist. Maybe i research a bit :crazy_face::man_mechanic::man_technologist: