Lake Osceola - Recreation of a Lead Sheet from university

I recently found an old scrap of manuscript paper, with a scratchy lead sheet written on it. And when I sat down at the piano to play it I thought “oh, I remember this! And I still like it.”

When I say old, this must have been written in about 1985, when I was 22, and studying Composition & Jazz piano at the University of Miami. I could hear straight away what I would have been listening to a lot at the time.

This is my realisation of that lead sheet, some 38 of so years later…

The main compositional element here is the idea of common tones (or pivot points) that hold while the harmonic ground beneath/around it shift completely. I’ve always liked this effect - and hopefully have used to good effect here! :wink:

Would love to know what you think. Thank you.