Lady Bárthory's Ghost

Dear fellow composers!

I thought it was time for me to post my latest song for some advice and feedback.

Track Description
Not too far away from where I live lay the ruins of Castle of Čachtice, home to the ghost of Lady Elizabeth Bárthory. Legend says that she bathed in young girls blood to remain eternally young. She was finally trialed for killing over 600 young women. Now all that remains are the ruins and Lady Elizabeth’s Ghost still longing for eternal youth

My Creative Vision:
My idea was to reflect Lady Elizabeth’s Ghost dancing in the night and of course longing to remain young.

Composition Overview:
I start with a 4/4 beat that moves over to a classic 3/4 waltz. I kept the signature simple, C Major Moving up to F Major and back. I worked on getting a “Spooky” clavier with a Darker Pad for support.


Hey Peter,
I really liked the feeling this gave I don’t know how to explain it but the percussion felt like my heartbeat changed. I also listened to your Spotify pieces from the playlist you shared earlier and I thought it was soothing. Congrats!


I put a very subtle percussion, it has not a presence but it’s felt.

Really interesting treatment. I like the combination of sounds, with the almost honkytonk sounding piano. It gives the piece a feeling of antiquity, despite the more modern synth patches.
Good balance to the various parts too.
Well done! :+1:
Regards, Adrian.

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Thanks for listening!

I like it Peter.The second piano arpeggio around 0:50 is interesting in a song with marked rythmic notes.
Only to say, the edgy high pad sound is too insistent for me. Is ok if it sounds a few times but, It disturbs, attracting attention when it is not important.
The background story is coooool.

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Very nice. I love the piano key-work and the use of the synths to accentuate various passages.

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Thanks for listening!

Thanks fo the feed back, The edgy Pad was so that the sound wouldn’t get to “classic” in it’s sound textures. Having said that I tend to overdo the high pitches ;).