Kontakt envelope attack decay sustain release

Hi guys, I was looking for a method to edit the ADSR parameter in Kontakt, but I really can’t find this section in the editor of kontakt.

Do you know how can I edit this?

Hmm I have never tried that myself. Perhaps you can use an insert fx that has an ADSR envelope, if you have one?

you can change these parameter when you edit your sound or library, you can also assign a midi channel controller to each parameter (attack, decay, sustain, release), each parameters can be controlled by your DAW
perhaps this video will help you


Thank you so much!
This is what I was looking for, but without the velocity, I’ll try to put on a CC so I can manipulate it when I want :smiley:

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in kontakt you have the list on the left panel (in edit mode) of Midi CC, just drag on drop the control you want to assign and that’s all, after in you favorite DAW you can draw your automation, very usefull to manipulate filter, lfo or change attack or release

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Does this also work with Kontakt 6? We just upgraded and I would like to try it.

yes it works with any versions of kontakt, the player, 5.0;, 5.5 and 6.0
you can view the video, there is also a great tutorial for programmaning on the net

Can you provide a link to the “great tutorial for programming”? That would be great.

this one :
or you can find the manual of kontakt on the native instrument website

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