Komplete 13 is here. Your thoughts?

So it was expected, but here it is. Komplete 13, link is to the Ultimate edition. I’m still on Komplete 11…not sure if it is worth upgrading?



I’m still on komplete 11. They still haven’t given me a reason to upgrade so I’m happy sticking. Plus, it’s the same upgrade price as 12 was when they released that… so I think we can squeeze a komplete 14 out of them before we need to pay more :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, I’m on KU12, and even though I actually wanted some of the new stuff (apart from Kontakt 6, which is now mandatory for a bunch of my libs), and even at 50% off, it didn’t feel like the bargain it used to be. :confused:

I’m even less tempted to upgrade to 13 so far, but haven’t researched properly.

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Still on Komplete 12 Select…and for me no reason to upgrade because my first contact with the Komplete software started a few months ago, and I’m still exploring all the soundpacks and options. I’ll save my money for the purchase of a few interesting plugins rather then upgrading software when it’s not directly clear what the benefits will be. :face_with_monocle:


You know what, it was great when they included other themes party stuff like Damage etc… you know, useful stuff… everything they’ve included is actually middle of the road since 12… except for Noir. That’s the only thing I’d really want.

I mean if they put say met ark 1 in there and put the price up a touch, then that’s make it at least a bit more enticing.

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I’m on Komplete 12 but there’s nothing in 13 I want - so I won’t be upgrading this time.

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I had K12 select but I discovered some 3rd party libraries that I really liked so I needed to get the real version of Kontakt. That costs the same as upgrading to Komplete.

Found out 13 was coming out and if you buy k12 in Sept. you get free upgrade to 13 so I went for that.

New version comes with Electric Sunburst that I don’t have. Timing worked for me.

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My general opinion is that it’s so expensive I would probably have to sell my organs in the black market to buy it right now :sweat_smile:

But time makes dreams possible :muscle:

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I really like the Cremona Quartet tone a lot. I am very much tempted in getting it. Does Native have e.g. Black Friday deals or the like?

Almost always. It’s usually how/when I buy most of my libraries. I think one year I bought about $1200 worth of libraries and it cost about half that with the sales.

Incidentally, I’m in need of a new MIDI controller, as the mod wheel on mine stopped working and was looking at getting a Komplete Kontrol, but I don’t want something that requires a computer science degree to set up and use. If anyone else uses one, can you tell me if it works as just a general MIDI controller as well?

I never jumped on the Komplete train.
I bought Kontakt many years ago and upgraded Kontakt when there where sales. Bought separate libraries on sales. Like now I’m waiting for Black Friday and hope they’ll run library sale. I’m gonna buy Noire when the price is right.

I have komplete 11 which I got as a student so it was discounted AND it was on Black Friday sale (5 years ago).

I must say that it was definitely a great investment. I generally use it for the ethnic stuff or percussion libraries. Also I use Massive a lot which was their flag ship synth. It’s their second flagship now I think, but still incredible!

Here’s a Demo piece I made recently for a Kalimba instrument I made. The drums are the Cuba perc you get as part of komplete. I’d say it’s worth getting just for libraries like these. :slight_smile:

I wanted to make this piece sound as wide and “Live” as possible so I used about 4 different reverbs it it all tuned with EQ. Makes those drums sound very natural.

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I somehow have the Komplete library, or parts thereof. I’m not sure how, since I didn’t buy it at any point that I remember—maybe some essentials came with the new Kontakt update? Anyway, I sent out for the A61 controller so let’s see how that works. The keys felt pretty solid and piano-like.

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Yes they have a TON of free plugins that come with kontakt 5/6 now. So you probably got it when you got that?

Since we’re at it and I’m really saving money up hoping to get kontakt next black friday… I’d like to ask something up.

Komplete and Kontakt I get are different. Does Komplete have Kontakt and kontakt libraries inside of it?

Also… does kontakt come with libraries? In case which ones?

I tried looking at the website but it’s not really clear to me… also… having the chance to pick between kontakt and komplete (komplete not the full version tho… perhaps the second one would be a max)… would komplete be a better pick instead of kontakt?

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

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Komplete does come with Kontakt if you get the higher versions and so all the libraries included with Kontakt. If it were me, I’d get the full version of Kontakt, as it’s obviously cheaper for that full version and comes with more libraries than the cheaper versions of Komplete, PLUS Kontakt is the engine that most other sample library developers use to run their products. If you can afford the full version of Komplete, then I go with that, but Kontakt is the main thing you want.

Getting the full version of Kontakt will get you some of the instruments included with Komplete; I just bought the Komplete Kontrol A61 controller and it comes with some of the same instruments that I got with Kontakt 6 upgrade.

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Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I’d get komplete which includes kontakt. It’s a really good investment. Kontakt is a sampler and a player… so you play other instruments in solids it and you can create your own too. It’s the most powerful player and sampler out there so you’ll have lots of fun with it!

I think 13 is the lowest value they’ve released in years. I think besides Noire, the acoustic guitar series are amazing. But everything else is not really worth an upgrade of 400€, or what they offer. I have upgraded since version 8, and 13 I will not upgrade, as I don’t see anything really to make an impact in my work.

What I do like is that NI is making great deals here and there with other companies. That’s a huge bonus for everyone for sure.


I’d say the upgrade is worth it but not buying it in full. But only upgrade when it’s on offer as it comes down to £180 :smiley: