Khan academy (Free music/orchestra videos)

Hi guys, I found this website and it seems to be very amazing. There’s a section called
“Instruments of the orchestra” where you can find explanation of all the various section of the orchestra. Strings, Brass, WW and Percussion.

here’s the


Wow those are great videos showing the individual instruments of the orchestra, thanks for sharing Carlo! :smiley:

Here is another nice resource with text explanations of orchestral instruments (and also variations of them):


It’s a pleasure… but this… that you shared… WOW

There are combination too, I didn’t know about this site. Thank you so much Mike

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I don’t know why that VSL academy doesn’t show up so often in Google search results, it’s SUCH a useful resource!

Also, if you want to learn a bit more about combining instruments and “orchestration”, Rimsky-Korsakov’s Principles of Orchestration is available free (since it’s out of copyright) here:

It’s kind of a “standard” textbook of orchestration. But just bear in mind that it was written a loooong time ago, so is a little traditional in its methods. Still a SUPER useful resource though!


Oh that is public domain even, and I heard that recommendation soooo many times. I just had second thoughts as I don’t see myself as an orchestral composer, but rather cinematic composer. So “orchestrate” with synthesizers, sound design, non-traditional acoustic instruments etc. Which makes it less of a useful resource for me personally, as I assume it’s all about orchestral instrumentation and layering, right?

Yep, public domain - a great resource!

And yeah…it IS more for orchestral composition, but I think the principles of how instruments and parts can be used together is useful for most composers. Like knowing the various ways parts can combine (not just orchestrally).

But…there are probably better things to be reading if you aren’t too focused on orchestral music. That’s for sure!

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there’s an interactive site for GARRITAN INTERACTIVE PRINCIPLES OF ORCHESTRATION by Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov
where you can read the book and be listening and visually following the score link is here:

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Yes, seems to be one of the “standards” regarding books on orchestration. Thanks for sharing that interactive site Wendy, nice to have every chapter as it’s own thread. :slight_smile:

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OMG this site is… si… dam, I feel depressed now ahahahah

I have to find the time to study all of this… and study all ahhaha

thank you for sharing this amazing resource :wink: