Kalimba - Track breakdown and overview!

I have a new video that will be premiering tonight at 7pm. (if its past 7pm GMT on the 18th of september 2020 the video should still be there)

Really hope you enjoy this one, you can tell i had lots of fun making it :wink: . its an instrument overview and track breakdown!

Here is the link for you to follow at 7pm to watch the live premiere !


Very nice video Geoff,
I am proud i could have joined the premiere.
Keep going, and good luck with the Kalimba library.

Sincerely yours,

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Michael , it was a pleasure as always to have you there. I’m most definitely going to have to do a shout out in one of my videos for you as your awesome!

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Thank you so much. You are so aresome, because you help(ed) me a lot! At least i can give a bit back…

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Damn I missed this. Of course I’ll watch now afterwards. I will not miss next one.

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Really nice sound :slight_smile:

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It’s my pleasure, seriously. I see all of you as friends on here and I enjoy helping you out and having a laugh over music stuff :wink:

Plus, there were people who helped me when I first started too. We all help eachother. An I wouldn’t have the confidence to do this youtube thing without everyone’s encouragement.

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Haha hopefully I’ll be able to post on here a little earlier next time man! I’d only put it up an hour and a half before premiere. Maybe next weeks will be up the day before I hope!

@Svalinn85 thank you, I’m really glad you like it :smiley:

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Were can I find your other libraries? DOn’t have kontakt for now… but when I manage to get it perh<ps I’d like to give them a look :slight_smile:

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My other libraries are on my Gumroad page :slight_smile:

You can find them here —> https://gumroad.com/mediamanproductions


Ah, thanks. Still need to get Violin Swells 2. Does the update overwrite VS1 or just a separate instrument?

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That’s a good point to raise about VS2 as I haven’t clarified that. No it’s a completely different instrument so you will keep the old one :)it has a range of different presets with version 2. Version one is just one sound so V2 is more value for what you pay. :smiley: